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IWS has been serving Industries Needs Since 1988

IWS is an Experienced supplier of Silicon, Glass and other Wafers and Related Micro Fab Services.

Products Include:

  • Silicon - (All Diameters)
  • Glass
  • Germanium
  • Double Side Polished Materials
  • Super Thin Materials
  • Prime, Test, Monitor Grade Materials
  • Microfab Processing
  • MEMS Development Processing
  • With over 30 years of experience in this industry, IWS is a leader at providing Quality solutions to unique customer needs. IWS is committed to immediate response to all customers, all orders, large or small. IWS can provide solutions to all your film and processing needs.

    Excess Listing - anything purchased between now and the end of the month will receive a 5% discount.

    NOW OFFERING GERMANIUM - IWS now supplying Germanium. Please forward your requirements and specifications for quotes.

    Thin DSP Wafers Available - Double Side Polished Wafers-New efficiencies by the manufacturer has led to a new, lower price structure for double side polished wafers 300 microns and below. Please contact IWS with your requirements.

    MORE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE - Expanded computer listings available at IWS from top Cz and Float Zone manufacturers. Please contact IWS for all your silicon requirements.

    HIGH RESISTIVITY FZ IN STOCK-Contact IWS for >1000 ohm-cm Float Zone material requirements and other Float Zone specifications.

    BETTER LITHOGRAPHY -CD Lithography-0.25/0.35 micron CD Lithography and etch oxides and metal films now available. Stand line/space and VIAs patterns available pages. Resize, move, add or delete this and other page elements to accommodate your information needs.

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